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Spiral nozzle

General spiral nozzle

   General spiral nozzle

Spiral nozzle spray nozzle is a new type of tapered, can produce spiral hollow or solid cone spray shape, spray angle is 60 ° -170 °. Its compact design, can make the liquid reaches the maximum flow in pipelines of a given size, because of the channel design flow, thus minimizing blocking nozzle. The nozzle can be installed and updated in the vast majority of pipeline system.


Design characteristics of spiral nozzle

1. The most common spiral nozzle used, standard structure design
2. Various angles and flow options
3. The atomization effect fine and uniform
4. Non blocking structure design
5. 1/4 inch to 4 inches, threaded or flanged connections available
6. Made of brass, stainless steel 316L, TEF, PP material

The typical application of spiral nozzle

Spiral nozzle is widely used in gas cooling, gas washing, dust control, desulfurization, packed tower spray, washing and bleaching cream, asphalt forming tower spray cooling, cooling tower fractionating tower.

Performance parameter

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