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Square nozzle

Standard square nozzle

   Standard square nozzle

Solid conical nozzles provide uniform distribution of cone-shaped spray width, wide application in various high uniformity of coverage requirements in the workplace, x-shaped spoiler blade design, nozzle combines the easy plug and atomization characteristics of uniform, even in the large case spray, there still remain extremely good spray uniformity.


Design characteristics of nozzle square

1.The nozzle spray shape solid square
2.Square nozzle spray particles are small and very uniform
3.Nozzle internal cross blade, nozzle with a cross groove
4.The special design, very convenient for overlapping, particularly suitable for injection area overlapping degree requirements are relatively high.
5.According to nozzle angle standard angle and wide-angle two series

The typical application of square nozzle

A square nozzle used for cleaning, cooling, spray, spray, dust material pressure ash places.

Solid cone nozzle to provide uniform distribution of the cone spraying range, widely used in various occasions covering work requires higher uniformity, excellent design flow X shaped leaves, the nozzle has no blockage and characteristics of atomization, even in very large spraying quantity, can still maintain excellent atomization uniformity.

Performance parameter

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