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Another word for nozzle

Nozzle Sentence Examples
Once the heated air leaves the turbines it passes into a bifurcated duct which has a further pair of lateral vectoring nozzles.
My trusty 1200 has got black clogged nozzles which i haven't been able to do anything about despite using cleaning cartridges.
Nozzle check pattern.
It is driven round by the water pressure of the 2 side komet nozzles, the top komet nozzles have a 10mm diameter outlet.
Insert the syringe nozzle into the small hole of the bung.
Note that the funnel in figure 4 is also a convergent nozzle.
Nozzle check pattern.
With its concentrator nozzle you can enjoy precise styling, which means no flyaway hair.
Nozzle attached to a standard plumber's portable small gas cylinder.
Small lawns are best watered using a hosepipe with an adjustable spray nozzle, whilst a sprinkler system is ideal for a larger area.
After cleaning is finished, press the lf/ff key to print a nozzle test print self test ripple test: switch the printer off.
Comes with injector nozzle to inject juices straight back into the meat.
If you do have to use a hose pipe, fit a trigger nozzle and never leave the hose pipe running.
Spoon this mixture into a piping fitted with a 5mm plain nozzle.
Three brass spray nozzles per meter length feed from the manifold.
Watch out for signs of inefficient printing, and then clean the nozzles in the approved way.
Spray volume and quality use 200 - 400 l/ha with conventional flat fan nozzles as a medium quality spray.
If there is, get a vacuum with the crevice nozzle attached and very gently clean the fins.
This type of heater will also shortly be introduced into the hot runner nozzles themselves.
The four exhaust nozzles are attached to the engine via four circular cutouts in the fuselage side.

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