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Nozzles in the print industry show the avatar

ChangYu company's hair-spray nozzles have low noise and durability many excellent properties, their species by as much as 31, in which we organize them into jet-stream is divided into efficient air laminar flow fan nozzle and two excellent straight cylindrical nozzle. Chang Yu Institute for hair-spray nozzle in pursuit of functions, to air of low noise and effective layer down, high impact, and air blowing on the target.
Chang Yu on hair-spray nozzle noise optimization design effort has been done, the following detailed information.
Reasons for hair-spray nozzles have a tremendous noise.
Combat occurred mainly as a result of the sound objects, collision, Rotary, and arising from airflow disturbances arising from the friction. So, hair dryer nozzle why causes a lot of noise? Due to the high pressure air the flow rate from the nozzle after spraying out at near the speed of sound, caused by the rapid expansion of the air pressure changes, resulting in turbulence and there are density waves generated, the reason for this is to make a sound. Is air and air between interference and produces sound.
Hair-spray nozzle of low-noise design principles. Since we already know the source of noise is the air flow disorders. Yu companies to address this issue in order to maintain the flow of air, fans-sprayed out of the nozzle hole part into a comb-like. Columnar sprayed out of the nozzle hole shape and configuration adjustments have been made. Plus-Groove design, greatly reducing noise.
When the eject hole is the same as the total area, emitted in the adjacent hole do not interfere with each other's exhaled air in context, maximizing the number of holes, reducing the aperture, you can reduce the noise.
Noise of hair dryer nozzle test result of Chang Yu.
Comparison to perforation and General pipeline blowing voice and small. In particular, can cause tinnitus sound (metal tweeter) many.
Laminar flow design
Fan AAB727 increase is change for the laminar flow wing tectonics. The air effectively dispersed, and the stream size is greater than the inflow area Chamber structure, achieve the purpose of rectification.
Does design
For sure blow to 1mm holes, columnar Y37 nozzle spray angle the spray holes with 4 degrees of taper, and strengthen the Jet impact force. 4-Yu company, through many years of experience and the development of performance indicators and to find out the results.

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