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Turn the nozzle on engine successfully Russia air force fighter

According to the National Defense Science and technology information network published in the aviation industry development research center of China Xinyu Wang reported a story about turning the nozzle of the engine's article a few days ago on the Web quite extraordinary, according to the reports in this article and Russia the military balance site messages posted on November 30, combined with our exclusive rotating nozzle engine data at their disposal the following.
Russia "UFA motor production complex" AG News announced in March 2012, Russia aircraft will be installed for the first time in the history of the air force is equipped with rotating nozzle engines. By March 2012, Russia UFA engine manufacturing production complex production model with rotating nozzles for the AL-31FP engine for export only, is not in Russia's military. As of March 15 Moscow time, Russia "UFA engine manufacturing production complex" joint-stock company has been shipped to the Irkutsk aviation plant has four rotating nozzle engines. These rotating nozzle engine equipped with 2 -30SM Su fighter aircraft, 2 -30SM Su fighter aircraft certification testing will be conducted, and then will be delivered to Russia Ministry of defence.
Russia Defense Ministry officials say, thrust vector control rotating nozzle engines to protect fighters while on low speed and near zero speed ultra-mobiles. Therefore, a rotating nozzle engines in Russia fighter successfully applied also marked the Russia military pursuit of technology to break the boundaries of the military.

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