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Farm nozzle application cases

Farm nozzle application cases

Select the nozzle 3 major factors cannot be neglected
Spray: spray angle, particle size, spray shape
Operational factors: flow, pressure, impact
Using liquid/gas factor: specific gravity, surface tension, viscosity, temperature, Erosive
To find out when the best spraying conditions, all conditions that can affect the spray result must be taken into account. For example, low viscosity, fluid temperature becomes high proportion will be smaller, larger flow. So when choosing a nozzle has to be spraying conditions, working conditions, use of liquid, gas conditions do sum considerations. Details please contact our technical staff. Here we show the nozzle application in agriculture production.
Cool the keeper ring
Use fine mist spray cooling nozzle range, pig farms, chicken farms within the wall very fine mist sprayed out through steaming , gasification can effectively reduce the housing temperature. Through a simple system, maintaining the barn temperature, promoting development.
The roots of crops sprayed
Use of narrow-angle nozzles for the roots of crops sprayed herbicides, for crops such as sugar beet, when spraying, will enhance the effect. From a narrow angle just sprayed crop roots. Both low or high pressure, are likely to be effectively sprayed. Nozzle spray of fine particles penetrating power, directly through the canopy insecticide plant strains, sterilization, leaves no dead ends. Atomization particles subtle, diffused evenly, spray less pesticide residues.
Nozzles used for large areas of crop spraying
Nozzle on the farm greatly, for example, spread, available wide angle nozzle for low pressure small amounts of herbicide spraying. Simply spray on the device in both will be very helpful.

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