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Dongguan ChangYu spray purification equipment limited is located in world manufacturing of are--Dongguan Changan town, company accounted for to area 28,000 square meters, is China first-class of research type nozzle manufacturer, has both at home and abroad invention patent, and practical new patent, and appearance design patent, more than 30 more than items, for air atomization nozzle, and spiral nozzle and the Special industry of stainless steel nozzle research is particularly in-depth, had repeatedly undertake national and the Guangdong Province innovation research focus project, are made has welcome of scientific research.

Hunan Liuyang branch was established in 2006, has been fully committed for many years industrial nozzles, PCB accessories, development and production of air filters. Industrial nozzles of our existing product range has reached more than 3,000 more, more than more than 2000 customers, and in many cases to undertake national research institutions, industrial Nozzles spray laboratory, large State-owned enterprises in design, development, manufacturing engineering. Companies with more modern metal nozzle of CNC machining equipment, plastic mold making and injection molding equipment, equipped with a laser particle size measuring system, spray angle, flow, impact detection system, the liquid nozzle performance test.
Industrial nozzles product has successfully entered the painting, plating, electronics, steel, environmental protection, purification, paper-making, textiles, food, automobile manufacturing, food processing, engineering machinery, coal mining, power generation, chemical industry, petroleum, ships, nearly 200 more than 30 industries such as agriculture process, became one of the largest manufacturers of industrial spray nozzles.

In printed circuit board (PCB) industry, we set up a special PCB accessories Department, has hired the industry elite and equipment manufacturing enterprises of mechanical engineer, fully committed to PCB accessories deep research and development and manufacturing process of continuous improvement, providing technical support to customers at any time, first time lifting equipment failures and resume production.

Chang Yu learn, recruit more capable personnel, innovation, dedication, honesty win the world, specialty brands, be sure you select our products and services, you can trust!and success.

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