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Dongguan ChangYu spray purification equipment limited is located in world manufacturing of are--Dongguan Changan town, company accounted for to area 28,000 square meters, is China first-class of research type nozzle manufacturer, has both at home and abroad invention patent, and practical new patent, and appearance design patent, more than 30 more than items, for air atomization nozzle, and spiral nozzle and the Special industry of stainless steel nozzle research is particularly in-depth, had repeatedly undertake national and the Guangdong Province innovation research focus project, are made has welcome of scientific research.


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  1. Quick release fan nozzle

    Quick release fan nozzle

    Quick release nozzles were made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (including fiber 25%), carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene (including fiber 40%) and polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf) made of three materials are high strength, resistance to abrasion and chemical resistant advantages, and are able to prevent caking and fluid accumulation.

  2. General spiral nozzle

    General spiral nozzle

    Spiral nozzle spray nozzle is a new type of tapered, can produce spiral hollow or solid cone spray shape, spray angle is 60 ° -170 °. Its compact design, can make the liquid reaches the maximum flow in pipelines of a given size, because of the channel design flow, thus minimizing blocking nozzle. The nozzle can be installed and updated in the vast majority of pipeline system.

  3. Standard square nozzle

    Standard square nozzle

    Solid conical nozzles provide uniform distribution of cone-shaped spray width, wide application in various high uniformity of coverage requirements in the workplace, x-shaped spoiler blade design, nozzle combines the easy plug and atomization characteristics of uniform, even in the large case spray, there still remain extremely good spray uniformity.

  4. Narrow-angle fan spray nozzle

    Narrow-angle fan spray nozzle

    Narrow-angle-fan nozzles are widely used in washing the gravel, washing blankets, mesh, high impact washing to remove grease, fruit and vegetable washing, plating line flushing, sheet metal pretreatment cleaning, paper-making machines "stable paper box" spray.

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